Today I’ve prepared an interview with one of my favorite artist at this moment. His name is Jody Wisternoff, true genius when it comes to progressive/deep house. Don’t want to speak much, I will let you read the answers. Happy reading!

Hi there Jody! First please let me say I am really happy that I have opportunity to talk with you in this kind of way – making some sort of interview that people will get a chance to read after. You have been my absolute favorite artist lately, and actually your music is the strongest reason I listen to music. But we will come to that.

1. You’re the pioneer of electronic music and I know that most of the people already know who you are, but again, there are some minority of people who don’t. So, can you explain to us who really Jody Wisternoff is?

I’m just a guy from Bristol who makes electronic dance music and likes to play this music to people at the weekends in nightclubs , whenever possible :)

2. Can you tell us how it happened that you have decided to enter the EDM world? Is music something that have been following you from the childhood?

I was always really creative/obsessive as a child, and I suppose when I discovered music at 15 and the emotional and potential financial rewards it offered, I subconsciously decided it was a keeper.

3. What music means to you personally? What fascinates you most about the music in general? And is there a connection between your personal life and music that you are making?

Music to me is crucial , it brings people together and gives maximum pleasure to one of our 5 senses. I feel that when making music, my soul is calm . My personal life and the music I make are entwined in more ways than I can explain with words.

4. Could you try to define the style of current Jody Wisternoff sound? Any specific genre you would place it in?

Melodic , romantic , deep , emotional , house :)

5. Can you describe us the process of how Jody Wisternoff sound was changing through time? Have you maybe experienced some points of departure where you didn’t know how you should move on further? And do you have a vision where the sound of Jody Wisternoff music is heading at in the future?

The music I make has definitely matured with my age , and I think this goes along with the way you perceive things . I’m sure there is a formula that would explain the relationship between the perception of BPM relating to the amount of time having been alive.

6. What inspires you to create all the beautiful sounds and themes that your music is uniquely filled with? Where do you get all the inspiration?

From so many places, right now I would say my children inspire me the most. Its a cliche I know, but there is nothing more beautiful than experiencing the purity of youth for the 2nd time , and I would like to think I express this sentiment through the music I make.

7. Moving to the next question, can you tell us what program do you use for production ? I bet that some people would love to know what synths and plugins are you using ? And also, do you use both software and hardware or just one of them ?

I write in Ableton and mix in Protools. I use mainly hardware synths, my favourites being the Jupiter 8 , Prophet 5 , Macbeth M5N , SH5 and Pro 1 . Software synths I love include Omnisphere, Reaktor and Kontakt.

8. For the time on the scene you have really a bunch of great releases behind you. That new album of yours is just full of win! What can we expect from Jody in the coming months ?

Thanks mate !!! Next up is a remix for a band called The Other Tribe – Skirts. I’m also working on a remix for Above & Beyond , I have a new Jody Wisternoff single pretty much finished and me and Nick are working on a new WOW EP.

9. What’s your view on the trends in today electronic music? How much it differs from the situation back in the days when you were starting? And what do you think, does the future belong to more melodic or more to some dutch “beep-beep/dum-dum” music?

I’m really loving a lot of the bass heavy stuff coming out of the UK at the moment, genres such as garage and jungle are being mixed with house to make some really cool styles. Luckily the minimal stuff seems to have died a death, and I really think the scene is incredibly healthy right now.

10. Do you have some favorite musician and a song that are your picks for the best of all times? Or few of them maybe?

Leftfield – Song of Life / Future Sound of London – Papua New Guinea / Chemical Brothers – Hey Boy Hey Girl / Underworld – Dark & Long

11. The rise & development of internet made a global problem concerning selling music. Lots of music is spread through blogspots & forums and producers/labels can hardly make any money? What are your thoughts about that?

It is a nightmare and I try not to think about it too much , otherwise I become depressed :(

12. Do you have some hobbies maybe? How do you like to fill your spare time?

No spare time man.. at all!

14. Choose your pick:
Summer / Winter – Summer which is more like winter in the UK.
Miami / Ibiza – Ibeeza.
Book / TV – Laptop.
Blonde / Brunette – Blonde (doesn’t have to be natural though).
Soccer / Basketball – Soccer aka football.
Madonna / Lady Gaga – Madonna (bigtime)

15. Any last shootout for the readers of the interview and all Jody Wisternoff fans? Some message to the people around the globe for this summer 2012?

A huge thanks to all who have supported me over the years, loads more music coming up this year for you guys and hope to see some of you lot at gigs in the future :)

Its been an honor to me Jody! Thank you very much for your time! I wish you all the best in future and hope to speak with you soon with some more great news! Cheers!

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