After a little break  ‘Magic Room’ returns to daylight with an incredible piece of art, made by Magic Room head honcho himself, Dave Shtorn

This is the 2nd edition of “Good Morning Princess”, this time with new remixes coming from 2 superb acts that we have seen rising on the progressive heaven.

The original track we believe you have fresh in mind as it has been one of the best selling productions on the label so far. It’s packed with gorgeous deep textures and melodic takes flying in and out of the track.

The talented Belgian and Polish guys, known to the community as Noa Romana & Deersky, brings on another fantastic collaboration, including their fine way of building progressions, deep atmospheres and stunning sound choices, everything to create the most out of it and we feel you re to be really pleased with what you hear.

The 2nd remix comes from the American producer JJ Grant. Jeremy has been skyrocketing the past year and is building his reputation and respect all over the world through his music. This is another tight effort from the Detroit based producer, and he is definitely taking you on a journey in sound structures and deep sound design. Who wouldn’t fall in love with a piece of art like this?

Dave Shtorn – Good Morning Princess  [Magic Room] DOWNLOAD

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