BPM Records is making its best to deliver even more supreme sounds to your ears these days.

It’s been a while since the first BPM Essence tune was released. Today, they bring the second jewel to be released on their sub-label. A beautiful two-version track delivered by the South American progressive stars Aerotek & Airdraw. These two geniuses have created the beautiful “I Will Miss Your Colours” in two modes.

The Aerotek mix is a perfect combination of distant melodies featuring chord blips, reverbed pads and keys and lovely breakbeat grooves to add that mysterious feel to it. an awesome progressive breaks tune!

The other version delivered by Airdraw is a more conventional progressive house version of Aerotek’s, which is more club oriented; featuring hard hit kicks and a drilling bassline along with those pluck chords you wont miss, all in company of the same lovely distant melodies.

Both versions also have a shivering vocal chop almost at the end which marks the rhythm of the beautiful arrangement these supreme artists have created.

Aerotek & Airdraw – I Will Miss Your Coulors [BPM Essence] DOWNLOAD

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